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It only takes two minutes to get KYC verified. It’s fast, secure, and allows you to purchase more cryptocurrency.

KYC Verification

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    Please note:

    You’ll need a smartphone capable of receiving text messages in order to proceed with verification.

    How it works

    Get Verified

    Getting KYC (Know Your Customer) verified in Canada is essential for legal compliance, preventing financial crimes, enhancing security, mitigating risks, protecting the reputation of financial institutions, accessing financial services, and aligning with international standards. It is a critical process that contributes to a safer and more secure financial environment for both individuals and organizations.

    Verify Your Phone Number

    By entering your phone number in the form above, you'll receive a 6 digit PIN via text message to your smartphone. You'll use this PIN to verify your device.

    Upload an Identity Document

    Upload a photo of your government issued identification - This can be a Passport, Driver's License, ID Card or a Residence Permit.

    Create Account

    Once you've confirmed your identity you now have a verified account and can visit one of our kiosks.

    Advantages of Getting Verified

    Save Time on Your Next Transaction

    Completing verification before you visit a kiosk allows you to complete your transaction faster.

    Increase Your Available Purchase Amount

    Once you've been verified, you can purchase up to $30,000 of cryptocurrency.

    One Time Account Verification

    Once your account has been created and verified - You'll never be asked again on your transactions.