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Enjoy access to the largest selection of cryptocurrency options at RapidEX ATMs with over 30 crypto currencies available to buy and sell.

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Save time and effort by using RapidEX’s easy to use ATMs to complete your cryptocurrency transactions quickly and efficiently.

We're Canadian

Trust in the knowledge that you're using a Canadian company, providing local support, and understands Canadian cryptocurrency regulation.

Not Your Keys, Not Your Coins

With our self custody ATMs, you remain in total control of your digital assets.

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Introducing RapidEx ATM

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Crypto from an ATM company you know

RapidEX is a subsidiary of RapidCash ATM, headquartered in Edmonton, AB. Since 2000, RapidCash ATM Ltd. has grown to become the largest independently owned ATM company in Canada, with over 1,500 locations nationwide. Leveraging the experience and expertise of RapidCash ATM, RapidEX was established to cater specifically to the growing cryptocurrency market.

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Follow these steps to purchase cryptocurrency with cash from a RapidEX ATM.

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We've Made it Easy and Convenient to Purchase Bitcoin and other Crypto Currencies

We've made it easy to buy and sell bitcoin, in person with one of our Crypto enabled ATMs.

Safely Buy & Sell Bitcoin

You can rely on the safety that RapidEx offers.

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We have the largest offering of Crypto Currency in Canada through an ATM.

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Don't worry this kiosk is also a full service ATM. Just exit the app and select ATM on the home screen.

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